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Adblue/DEF/AUS32/Arla/SCR urea supplier

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It is the only type of Urea that meets the ISO 22241 specification(Uncoated,Aldehyde,heavy metals free) and the only suitable Urea for the production of AdBlue®/AUS32/ARLA32 solutions. 
For meeting the ISO 22241 the Urea needs to be of highest purity/quality.Automotive DEF® Urea is unsuitable for bulk transports as contaminations would endanger the purity and the final quality of the finished solutions. 
Beside the commonly sold 1,000kg BigBags, UNITED CHEM offers also 850kg,500kg, 50kg and 20kg Bags to meet our customers requests.
Our DEF® UREA export to UK, USA, Japan, Korea, Australia, Taiwan and Canada, and our DEF UREA Annual export quantity is more than 50000MT. 
Automotive Grade, the DEF® Urea from UNITED CHEM is the best choice for AdBlue®/SCR32 producers.

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